The nation's first commercially available 100 gigabit fiber network, right here in Cleveland.

HTC & OneCommunity, along with City of Cleveland, are asking
the 100 gigabit Question. What's possible with 100 gigabit?

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Announcing The World’s First Commercial 100 gigabit Fiber Network.

OneCommunity, the City of Cleveland and the Cleveland Health-Tech Corridor are teaming up to bring the fastest network available to the world famous
Cleveland Health-Tech Corridor

Speed is critical for business and driving economic growth. The City of Cleveland, One Community and Cleveland Health-Tech Corridor believe that effective use of technology will transform the region and provide a foundation for innovation and economic development. Cities like Chattanooga, Austin, and Kansas City are already seeing revitalization due to advanced utilities like high speed networks.

About the Network


The 100 gigabit Question: How Will It Be Used?

Companies reliant on the transmission of Big Data recognize the importance of having the fastest broadband availability. By lighting up its 100 gigabit network, Cleveland and OneCommunity are enabling a first mover advantage in response to the insatiable demand for speed and availability posed by Big Data companies, data centers and wireless carriers. Today, Big Data consumption demands the movement of more information at a significantly faster pace. This is especially true for companies involved with healthcare, technology and research.

Medical Imaging

Share medical images in milliseconds, making it easy to transmit and analyze remotely.

Research & Development

Accelerate the pace of R&D with instantaneous access to massive data sets.

Next-Gen Video Streaming

Eliminate barriers with next gen video conferencing. 4D. Holographic. Immersive.

Data Mining and Big Data

No amount of data is too large for the 100 gigabit pipe. Genomics. HD medical images.